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One of the first things you might notice and appreciate about this section, is the font. Interestingly, some of you may not have even noticed, but for those of us with “aging eyes”, font size can make all the difference in comprehending or not comprehending a message. This small detail is a big deal!

My work with seniors, and my own steady march forward, reminds me of the importance of the little things.  As we age, the little things become the bigger things. I used to be able to tolerate moving, and have actually got quite good at it over my lifetime of moves.   But I have to admit, the last move of mine last year was the toughest one yet. Boxes, too much stuff, and myriads of decisions on how to get rid of the excess.  However, my move to a condo has afforded me a bevy of additional time I previously did not use to have. What a pleasure it is to walk out to my car and not have to scrape ice.  Yes, it took a bit to figure out where to take the recycling or who to call if I have a problem but the move was well worth it.

What I noticed in moving my aging aunt last year, was how much tougher it was for her in her eighties, never mind my fifties. However, what I also remember, was the enhancement and improvement in her life, with her move. It took courage to give up what she had known for so many years, but her move to a retirement home gave her many new opportunities that had been lost or forgotten.  She began to paint with the aid of a companion and she got her appetite back once her pain was put under control.  My ability to put things away for her, and get rid of the boxes, and help orientate her to her new place and the location of amenities near her;  the act of sorting the extras and taking them to places she would like to see them go – this made all the difference and  this is the spirit of my work with my Senior clients – being a “chosen family member” for a season.  

This is what makes my career in Real Estate more than listing and selling real estate. It’s the little things that count…

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